Elom Has Arrived!



Our love for African prints keeps growing more and more. This is proof in the number of pieces we have created with them. From Bea to Ayele's Twist, African Prints form the foundation of each design.

As an accessory brand, we are very passionate about making unique beautiful pieces that suits your style. In doing so, we are constantly thinking both inside and outside the box. This process has given birth to ELOM!

Made of African print and seed beads, the Elom neck piece pays homage to the bib like seed bead accessory pieces of Eastern and Southern African culture and  Africa's overall cultural love for African print.


This four layered piece of art comes in seven unique colours ('Adjeley' is a seven letter word too...lol!). Elom is an Ewe name which means 'Love'. So remember, when you are wearing an Elom piece you are wearing 'love'. After all, this piece was made in Ghana with Love!