An Ode is defined as a poem expressing a writer’s thoughts and feelings about a particular person or subject matter, an Ode is usually meant to be sung. We were  inspired by the definition of this word that and we felt that this best suited the collection as the collection expressed the brands feeling about African fashion and lifestyle. We believe African fashion and lifestyle has evolved tremendously these few  years and we are proud to see and be a part of this. African Prints were tremendously used in this collection. The prints were used to create beautiful pieces that we believe should be in every woman’s closet.


We believe in creating classics at the same celebrating the uniqueness of African prints in this collection. In doing so we created Amoanima - an embroidered Ankara knot necklace piece embellished with crystals, pearls and seed beads. You should see this piece on the neck of its wearer in the evening. The knot glistens so beautifully when it comes into contact with light.

Asaaba - A beautiful mix of African prints with silver and gold chains. Creating a rich and chic look when worn on any plain dress. The new additions to the Bea pieces are a true reflection of how we have come to understand African fashion - Colour.


Turquoise and Coral have been a huge influence in the collection. The marriage of the two beautiful colour tones creates an unique statement that the brand showcases in more than four pieces that are under the Turquoise Delight section of their catalogue. It is a bit romantic to see the rich dense colour of red and the coolness of turquoise being juxtaposed on a different colour of dress, the thought of that alone shows you the power of this union.


Versatility is seen in this collection as well, pieces like the Paula and Laura and many more do give the wearer the opportunity of wearing them long and short depending on one’s look for the day. The Paula pieces we are told have a uniqueness to them that you will love and want to have in your personal pieces.


Arm parties come into play in this collection as well. We are being told to stack as many bracelets as possible. “You need to make statements not only with your necklaces but your bracelets as well, most of the bracelet pieces can be worn together as a set (which most of them come in) or worn separately depending on what look you are going for.


The men are not left out this time, yes ADJELEY with this collection provides men with pieces of necklaces and bracelets that can be incorporated into their everyday look. Dark tone beads and bold semi-precious gemstones come together to create beautiful pieces for men.


These and many more pieces can be found in the collection catalogue. The catalogue has a beautiful array of poetry and short stories from talented writers. We figured in celebrating the beauty of African fashion and lifestyle without the help of writers would be selfish of us, so we contacted a few writers who shared in our love and appreciation for African fashion and lifestyle.


The team had so much fun in creating and putting these pieces together, so much love went into to this and we hope you love it.