Nana Adwoa wears many hats and she loves each one!

I have known Nana Adwoa Amponsah-Mensah for over fifteen years. All I can say is knowing her is knowing to delve into your interests and making them come to life. A writer, wife, mother, lawyer and podcaster; Nana Adwoa wears these hats and so much more and I am so proud to know and have her as a friend. It was a no brainer that she should be the first person to interview for our Adjeley Voices series.
On who she is and a her journey to life so far...
I’m a writer, a wife, a mum, a lawyer and a curious person. I don’t feel as if I’ve journeyed that far considering it’s only been a little over 3 decades and I was not exactly chasing my dreams for the first few years. I have a degree in psychology and French, I’m called to the bar of England and Wales and the Ghana Bar, and I am a published writer of romance.

On when she realized she wanted to be a lawyer
I think it’s always been a latent dream. I was, however, sure by the time I was 17 that this was the path for me.

On highlights on her Law career so far...
My legal career is still so young, in my opinion but I enjoyed working in criminal law and seeing the direct effect of my work on people’s lives when they were released from prison or had their charges dropped.
On why she decided to venture into Tech Law...
Technology Law is  basically the various laws that govern the use of technology.  I work with a tech focused law firm (Eight Geeks at Law). We work for technology companies and startups across Africa. I have always been interested in the effect of technology on my world. When the opportunity came up to be involved at a regulatory and corporate level in technology, I jumped at it. It has opened my world up to more than I realized. Working in tech has also affected the way I reason through problems and come up with solutions. 
On some challenges practicing this scope of law in Ghana...
It’s still a developing area in Ghana so there’s a lot to learn but it also means we’re coming up with some of it as we go along.

On advice she would give women who want to enter Law and specializing...
There is space for you. I’d say work hard at becoming an expert in your chosen field. Take the courses, read the books, do the research, and most importantly, believe in yourself at each stage.

On other projects she is working on...
 I started a women’s book club with my friend and podcast co-host. We read women’s fiction and romance written by black women and women of colour. We also donate to worthy causes.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise regarding my other project so I won’t spill lots about that but I think you’ll like it.

A lawyer, a wife, a writer, a mother and a podcaster, what things help synergize these many hats you wear?
Planning, prayer, a supportive partner and knowing when to take a break
Speaking of podcasts, could you shed light on your podcasting journey?
I started out on ‘the other room’ a Gold Coast Report podcast that discussed women’s issues generally. I currently host two podcasts.







Two hearts in a pod is a podcast that discusses romantic fiction. My other podcast is DNF with Eames and AJ which I host with my husband. We discuss Formula 1 and what it’s like to be a Ghanaian fan of the sport.

 Nana Adwoa is truly is a woman of many hats and loves each and everyone of them. An inspiration to us to work on the things that make our hearts soar each and everyday. 



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