• Michene Earrings - A statement piece worth having!

    In looking for materials for our design, one of our ladies Connie reminded me of the calabashes I had them buy some months back. It was the "Eureka" moment we had been looking for. Upon our research we found out the gourd was the best element to work with. It was natural, easy to create shapes with and most importantly light weight. View Post
  • A Bridal Affair - Duaba Serwa X Adjeley

      Duaba Serwa is a Ghanaian fashion brand that is renowned for its innovation, detailing, textures and styles in the beautiful clothes they make for the modern woman. I have been a "stan" of the brand for many years and I have been religiously following them on their social media platforms.      ... View Post
  • Metakay X Adjeley

    I am a huge fan of his work and jumped at the opportunity to work with him on this project. We had discussion on some of the looks he was going for and the type of jewelry that would best fit the goal. View Post