International Orders and Shipping.


We have realized that some of our International clients especially in North America and Europe tend to have a hard time processing their order. This often occurs because banks do not recognize such card transactions as legal, hence bringing your transaction to a halt. This is done to protect both you and us from any illegal transaction.

Solution: - 1. Please check in with your bank to allow payments to our website. It could also be that your bank has sent you a notification concerning your order transaction. 

Solution: - 2.  If you are shopping from USA, Canada or Europe, you might want to try Wave or World Remit. They are both money transfer options that come send money from one's card to Mobile Money accounts here in our country. To do this please follow these easy steps. 

1. Visit or and follow instructions on how to send money order.

2. Enter our registered MTN Mobile Money number 0545633000 (registered under the name Sedita Mensah) and the amount you are to pay.

3.A confirmation email will be sent to you once payment is made.

4. Your order will be processed and fulfilled.


We have two kinds of shipping rates for our international clients. They include the Standard Shipping Rate which takes about 14-21 working days before your package gets to you. 

Private Package Deliveries - This is the use of a private courier service like DHL or EMS. These respectively take about 5-7 working days before your package gets to you. 

You can contact us via email on or send us a message on our active WhatsApp Business line. We would be glad to assist you.