About Us

The love of beads and jewelry was something that Sedita stumbled on at a tender age of six on one of her several visits to her grandmother. These little tiny glasses that had holes in them became an obsession that led Sedita into the world of beading and accessory making.  With the little that she had acquired and her fascination that had grown more and more from admiring jewelry that her mother possessed. Sedita sold her first piece of jewelry to her classmate at the age of thirteen years made from beads she had got from "store reject" clothes which we cut up, packed and sold as rags bails. 
  Sedita always made unique pieces that she would also gift to her family and friends. Most of these pieces were loved by her those she gifted them to as well as people who had seen them wear it. In every stage of her education, Sedita found a way to inculcate her love of jewelry making into making money or raising funds for clubs she was part of or for special causes. Several demands were made on the unique pieces and as such she found a way of making some money from her designs. This gave birth to ADJELEY (the name given to the first daughter of the Ga family Sedita comes from). ADJELEY is a Ghanaian accessory brand that makes handmade jewelry and accessories from beads, African prints, crystals and semi-precious gemstones. Every piece is made in Ghana with Love.
Our brand focuses on making unique beautiful pieces that are statement worthy, classy and timeless. We believe that jewelry should reflect any kind of style a person has. Also,  your  style is classic and timeless as it represents the true you and our aim is making pieces of jewelry and accessories that best suite yours. Our brand is very eclectic and draws inspiration from people, art, nature and music. ADJELEY also advocates for sustainable economic opportunities for women in its community by training and employing them in the art of jewelry and accessory making.