Eunoia is here and we are here for it!

Eunoia is here and we are here for it!

Eunoia  Collection by Metakay

Eunoia is the latest collection by Metakay; this collection is inspired by a story that resonated so well with us. Inspired by love and agriculture the creative and artistic head of Metakay – Kwaku, creates the most unique of fashion pieces that showcase art being inspired by nature.

The Shirt form the Eunoia collection

He tells us the story of what Eunioa was inspired by; “Somewhere in the mid 90’s, a beautiful woman was betrothed to a man, who was born into a family so passionate about agriculture and inherited a number of farms from his dad. Through agriculture he was able to cater for us through school and provided us with our basic needs. Being an African with Ghanaian roots, where agriculture is mostly practiced in the rural areas, I want to showcase a collection inspired by agriculture and my parents’ passion for it. Their toughness on the outside and sweetness on the inside just like the pineapple translated into the care they bestowed upon us and their farms, thus, making them think beautifully and teaching us to do same.

This being the theme of our collection “EUNOIA” which is a Greek word meaning BEAUTIFUL THINKING. I expressed my EUNOIA in the fabric manipulation method known as “Arrow smocking” which was also inspired by the pineapple scales.


 He goes on to tell us of the empowering nature of the collection… “The collection seeks to empower the youth and women not to give up but focus on their goals irrespective of how painful or long it might be or take. This empowerment is shown forth through the fabric manipulation method use as it takes quite some time to do but results in a beautiful piece.”


We were honoured when pieces from our SS 2022 Collection were used in the Eunoia Campaign. The collection is a beautiful one, the pieces are a must have. To view the entire collection, click on this link.


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