Working with a Runway Model

Working with a Runway Model

  I was introduced to Ethel by a good friend of mine one Sunday after church service, we hit it right off from there. From the conversation I had with her, Ethel was a model (looking at her beautiful structure and the way she walked  you could tell). I approached her immediately about being a member of a committee I was heading for a small fashion show we were planning; Ethel obliged.  She did an excellent job, teaching our models about walking properly on the runway, behaving themselves behind the scenes and also gave the team a lot of pointers which was a huge help in making the fashion show a success.

After the show, it was time to get to the grind and get our new collection ready for the upcoming season. My little sister was a huge inspiration behind the collection, she inspired majority of the pieces we made that season. Ethel came to mind when I was looking for muse to bring our pieces to life. I immediately called her and scheduled a day for us to meet. 

During our meeting, I shared with Ethel the inspiration behind our collection and showed her some of the pieces that we created. I told Ethel that I wanted to name the collection Mankai which is another way of calling the third girl in a Ga family (My little sister's name is Naa Kai by the way) . Ethel lit up and told me she  was also called Mankai.This was really a match made in heaven! After our meeting we scheduled a date and time for the photo shoot. 

We had the shoot on a holiday and there was a team. William and Selasie from Redspy Studios were in charge of photography. The rest of the team which consisted of Jessica, Gifty (Ethel's best friend), Dzifa (she is the brain behind Chevelle O), Dzifa's friend ( forgive me I forgot her name🙈) and I were in charge of Ethel. It was all hands on deck. From make-up to styling everyone put in an effort and I must say it was fun! The collection was launched on the 7th of December and it was a huge success!

From simple dainty pieces like the Paula necklace to the statement piece like the Mankai necklace, have become treasured pieces of their owners. 

Ethel and I bonded really well over the period we worked together and I learnt so much about her. She is an aspiring Organisation transformation expert and a Human Resource consultant. Her number one passion is modelling, I can boldly tell you to her, is not just a job but a lifestyle ( you should see her walk). She has been in the industry for almost 7 years, doing so many runway and editorial shoots. And when I tell you she has walked for some of the great designers in our fashion industry, I mean it! 

I remember seeing a picture of her closing the Mai Atafo collection for Glitz African Fashion Week in a red power suit jacket ... I was in love. 

"Beauty is not everything, Intelligence is not the only thing one must have. A little of beauty and an optimum use of intelligence transforms mere things into greater ones."  This is a quote from Ethel and she is a living proof of this. Not only is Ethel beautiful and smart, she is also very humble. 

For someone who has delved so much into the fashion industry, she hardly toots her own horn (another thing to love about her). I could tell you of the many stories she has told me about incidents that happen behind the scenes during fashion shows and shoots but... Let's just say some teas are too hot to spill 😉

Ethel is beautiful inside-out, I am glad I know her and I know our decision to make her the face of Mankai Collection was the right one. 

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