Metakay X Adjeley

Metakay X Adjeley

I met Kwaku in KNUST, we were in the same Christian dramatic arts group, he was in the choreography and drama department while I was in the technical department. Our paths never crossed after university till my dear friend Gwen reintroduced us years later. Gwen was raving about a talented designer and illustrator she knew and believed I had to meet this person because she felt we would hit it off right away. After reintroductions were made, Kwaku and I worked on a project together. He was the brain behind giving our fabric keychains characters in our 2016 - Verge Collection . We kept communicating from then on celebrating each others successes and growth. I ended up becoming a major fan of his work and in discussions with him, we have always been thinking of ways we could work together again. 


This opportunity presented itself  earlier this year,  in a Fashion Edit from his Life in 15 Collection. The collection focused on detailing in garments by celebrating the Canadian lattice smocking which took a lot of pain to do, as squares measured 1” x 1” were stitched by hand individually thus leading us to a beautiful piece which was then transformed to our pieces soon to be released.

I am a huge fan of his work and jumped at the opportunity to work with him on this project. We had discussion on some of the looks he was going for and the type of jewelry that would best fit the goal.

Kwaku fell in love with earrings from the third chapter of The Compile. With selections made, we were set to shoot a campaign for The Fashion Edit. Other talents in this production were; Photographer- @aquartey_ ,stylist/ Videographer - @malikyaye , makeup and model  - @noirbeautie_

 Kyere Kwaku  Awiti is  a fashion designer, fashion illustrator and surface textile print designer.  He has worked with a number of fashion houses like Christie Brown, Quophi Akotuah, House of Eccentric etc. Kwaku draws inspiration from everything in his environment; from the people he meets to words he finds in books and on public transport buses (trotro).

He is an admirer and lover of the Haute couture loves to add a touch of that to the garment he creates. His  fashion house Metakay  focuses on woman empowerment and does this by creating garments that gives a woman the confident armor they like to have with their clothes. He is an amazing designer through and through and I believe he someone we should be on the look out for as well as support. I am so glad to know such a talented and gifted person.

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