The Compile - Chapter One (Earrings)

The Compile - Chapter One (Earrings)

The Compile is officially our collection for the entire year. Yes the entire year, unlike previous years where we release about two to three collections, this year we decided to do something different. We want you to look at this collection like a book, yes a book that has a story, chapters, characters, plots etc. This collection is a four chapter book, with interesting themes that resonate well with the ethos of our brand. 

In chapter one, the collection deals with earrings. One of the first jewelry pieces a woman gets in her life are a pair of earrings. In Ghana, most new born baby girls are given the gift of earrings immediately they step into this world. Drawing sentiments from that we decided to start with earrings. 

That being said, we decided to create pieces that are eclectic, statement worthy and highlight the beauty of the women we design for. The creative process for this particular chapter was very interesting for us as a team because of journey it took us on. From colours to materials and skin tones, we thought about that and many aspects in designing each piece. This has been an exciting labour of love for us. 

In the creative process, we came up with a character to be the sort of muse for our 'experiments'.  We created "Auntie Adjeley". For every piece we would create, the team would have fun imaging where she would wear that pair of earrings to. We had so much fun with her that we made her a part of this chapter. So for every pair of earrings you purchase, you will have an  'Aunty Adjeley' card holding your earrings safely.

 Aunty Adjeley with a set of pink Tiwaa earrings

Chapter one of The Compile has been amazing to design and produce and we are so glad that we get to share it with you.


Don't forget that each piece is handmade in Ghana with so much love, we can't wait for you to see chapter two!


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