Show Us Your Style Reward Scheme.

'Show us your style' a celebration of the styles of all our clients in images and videos on our social media platforms is back with a reward scheme. From now to the end of the year we will be rewarding all clients who share their "get ready with me" videos featuring their Adjeley pieces with us on our social media platforms. A video automatically gets you 10% OFF your order. Share more videos with us and get up to 60%  on your entire order (this includes our upcoming collection) . Remember the more creative you are with your videos, the more rewards you get. Terms and Conditions Apply.



1. A shared video will get you a 10% Discount Code once video has been reviewed by our team lead. This discount can be applied on purchases made directly from our website or social media platforms. This discount does not apply to places where we stock our pieces.

2. All videos and images shared are subjected to scrutiny and checks to see how best they fit our brand's image and messaging. 

3. We are allowed to edit videos shared to us, this includes taking out certain parts that we may feel might be inappropriate to the brand's image and messaging. 

4. Discount Codes are not sharable and can be used  for only one purchase. 

5. More videos shared the more Discount Rewards Codes you receive. We are however subjected to the percentage of discount to be rewarded you (this will be influenced by the creativity and style of the video put together). The more creative you are the higher your chances of  Here are the list of Reward Percentages you get for videos shared. 

  • 1 Video - 10% -14% Discount.
  • 2 Videos - 15% -19% Discount.
  • 3 Videos - 20%-29% Discount.
  • 4 Videos - 30%-49% Discount. 
  •  5+ Videos - 50%-60% Discount.

For further information do send us an email on Call our send us a text (WhatsApp) on +233-0204620751.